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Cumberland’s past, present, and future are rooted in the desire to make a beautiful and lasting impression. We’re not interested in what’s here today and gone tomorrow. In a world overcome by a throw-away mindset, we’re completely invested in creating furniture that will continue to be appreciated and cherished for the long haul. That’s why everything we make is designed and crafted to stand the test of time—grounded in timeless simplicity, honest materials, and refined details.

Furniture - Seating - Accent Chairs
Furniture - Seating - Benches
Furniture - Tables - Cafe/Dining Tables
Furniture - Tables - Coffee/Cocktail Tables
Furniture - Collections for Collaboration
Furniture - Tables - Communal Tables
Furniture - Seating - Conference Chairs
Furniture - Conference Room Furniture
Furniture - Tables - Conference Tables
Furniture - Seating - Dining Chairs
Healthcare - Guest & Lounge Seating
Furniture - Seating - Lounge
Furniture - Lounge Furniture Collections
Furniture - Seating - Modular Seating
Furniture - Tables - Occasional Tables
Furniture - Seating - Ottomans
Furniture - Seating
Furniture - Seating - Sofas/Sectionals
Furniture - Seating - Stools
Furniture - Tables
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