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Eastern Global Corporation

► Vision ◄ Become the most outstanding R & D and manufacturing services provider in the ergonomics industry, and to enhance the experience of IT product users. Create Win-win Situation: Working with our cooperative companies and our customers to build a competitive, industry-leading team and provide our clients the best service. ---------------------- ► Design Concept ◄ High-Quality Product (Technology comes from Humanity), User-friendly (Easy to use), Reasonable Price (Good Value), Excellent Service (Customized Service & After-sales Service), Green Ecological (Sustainable Development) ---------------------- ► Core Value ◄ Development Eastern Global's products, systems and services provide professional and innovative solutions with excellent added value. We attach great importance to being a reliable company, so we always seriously consider the helpfulness of our products that can help mankind. The corporate culture is built on integrity, courage, and teamwork. As a company, the growth of the team depends on the team's ambition to become a leading manufacturer of monitor arm and other ergonomic purpose product. ---------------------- ► For More Information ◄ Official Website | Contact Number | 886-2-2226-2887 Contact Email | Company Address | 9F, No.659, Bannan Rd., Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 235, Taiwan
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