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Made from a highly reflective, optical film, LiteMirrors are lightweight, shatterproof, glassless mirrors that can be mounted virtually anywhere. With a max weight of only 15 lbs for a 6'x8' mirror, LiteMirrors are incredibly versatile and brighter than glass mirrors. The largest mirror we can produce is 9' x 20' weighing only 65 lbs.
The clarity and high-definition reflection of LiteMirrors make them indispensable in a myriad of settings. From your local fitness studio to schools and homes, and from awe-inspiring art installations spanning the U.S. to the grand stages of Broadway's biggest shows, LiteMirrors elevate every space they grace.

Interior Building Products - Architectural & Decorative Glass
Interior Building Products - Ceilings/Ceiling Systems
Accessories - Mirrors
Acoustics and Privacy - Panels / Partitions / Screens / Space Dividers
TwoWay Tv Film Mirror
LiteMirror - any shape any size
LiteMirror shatterproof mirrors.

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