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Press Info

Journalists who would like to receive additional information about NeoCon or request an interview with a show representative, should contact:


Alexandra Zwicky Novità Communications [email protected] (917) 345-4683
Nicole Haddad Novità Communications [email protected] (512) 784-6147
Emma Reuland Novità Communications [email protected] (718) 510-2810

Press Registration

Press Registration is now open for NeoCon 2021

Press credentials are given to current media only. PR professionals are not considered media and must obtain a badge through their clients. A representative from Novita Communications, NeoCon’s PR team, will be reviewing your request. A business card or other approved credential (showing media outlet name, contact name and title) is required for Press Badge pick up.

Press Badges can be picked up onsite at theMART beginning on Sunday, October 3, 2021.