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Innovation in Action: The Hybrid Library Model Unveiled

Jan 16, 2024 by Kelly Jahn, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Kelly Jahn Interior Architecture & Design

Public libraries play an essential role in developing healthy communities, serving as a third space institution that has taken on many functions beyond lending books. They connect people to information, services, and each other. Libraries form partnerships with other organizations to meet the social needs of the community. They offer early childhood literacy opportunities and reading programs for children, and are safe havens for teens, providing after-school homework help and positive social activities. They offer computer classes to help older adults learn technology skills. Libraries support small businesses, entrepreneurs, provide job and career assistance, access to video conferencing and maker ...

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Eaves-Learning: The Benefits of Working Together in Person

Oct 13, 2023 by Hanna Negami, Data Strategist, Perkins Eastman and Kristina Koch, Senior Design Strategist, Perkins Eastman

When we are babies, we soak up the world like a sponge, intently watching the people around us to learn how to move, behave, and communicate. Though we’ve grown up, observational learning does not stop after childhood. In fact, we continue this behavior throughout our lives, picking up different manners, social norms, and specialized skills from watching other people—in all kinds of contexts—whether at home, at the grocery store, on the bus, at a ballgame, or in the office. In common vernacular, listening in, observing, being a “fly on the wall” is often called eavesdropping. In the context of the workplace, ...

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Implementing Ontological Design Into Interior Commercial Spaces

Aug 28, 2023 by Katie Decker-Erickson, Principal, Color Works Design

One of the fundamental principles of ontological design in interior commercial spaces is recognizing the inherent relationship between space and human experience. It acknowledges that the physical environment we inhabit has a profound impact on our well-being, emotions, and behavior which then impacts how we interact with those around us and the ideas we create. Think of it as a contiguous feedback loop between humans and their environment. With this in mind, ontological design seeks to create spaces that align with the values and aspirations of the people who will be using them. It is about more than creating a beautiful ...

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Workspitality: A Harmonious Blend of Work and Hospitality in Architecture

Jul 26, 2023 by Samuele Sordi, Chief Architect, Pininfarina of America

In recent years, the nature of work has undergone a profound transformation. Traditional office spaces are evolving into dynamic environments that prioritize collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being. Simultaneously, the hospitality industry has redefined the concept of guest experiences, focusing on creating spaces that foster comfort, engagement, and personalized service. The convergence of these two domains has given rise to the concept of "workspitality" in the architecture space – a harmonious blend of work and hospitality. Workspitality represents a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and design workspaces. Workspitality embraces a people-centric approach, acknowledging that a positive work environment leads ...

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How to Make Your Workplace a Collaboration Hotspot

Jul 18, 2023 by Alex Dupnik, Senior Associate, Design at Unispace

Collaboration has always been key to business innovation, and as companies compel employees back into the office, they have an opportunity to reassess where and how collaboration happens best. For today’s growing hybrid workforce, yesteryear’s workplace design is no longer an incubator for fresh idea exchange. But tomorrow’s could be if employers listen to new insights from the workforce. As we speak, more than half of U.S. employees are struggling to do their jobs in their current office environments, according to a recent survey outlined in Unispace’s Returning for Good, a Unispace Global Workplace Insights Report. Who can blame them? Offices ...

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A Practical Guide to Furniture Decommissioning

Jul 07, 2023 by Dianne Murata, Principal Designer/Owner of kimiko designs

Hey there fellow furniture nerds and eco-warriors! Ever think about the environmental impact of commercial furniture? As a mom and business owner, I’ve often found myself pondering the legacy we’ll leave behind for our children and the future of our precious planet. I'm not alone. The kimiko designs team has been shaking up the commercial furniture industry for the past two decades, becoming the go-to experts for infusing our passion (bordering on obsession) for furniture with a dash of humor and sass. After all, “we love furniture so you don’t have to”. Over the last few years, we’ve been hearing ...

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Mental Health, Sustainability and AI in the Workplace

Jul 05, 2023 by Lindsey Koren, Director, Communications, ASID

ASID’s 2023 Trends Outlook Report Examines Key Design Trends in 2023 Perhaps at no other time in history have we felt, with such magnitude, the impact of design in our lives. As the landscapes of cities and workplaces are changing, workers are experiencing stress at peak levels, and buyers flex the power of their spending with new demands. Designers have been called upon to better our world in unprecedented ways, and the impact of good design has become immeasurable. From health and wellness to sustainability, aging and artificial intelligence, the design industry is responding to new and shifting priorities in commercial ...

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Gen Z: Intentionality & Authenticity

Jun 22, 2023 by Laura Leung, Designer, IA Interior Architects

It is challenging to predict the precise future of work for Gen Z professionals or how the workplace they inhabit will look, but one thing is certain: they place a high value on intentionality and authenticity—and, significantly, Gen Z will make up a third of the workforce by the end of the decade. Going forward, when considering the workplace for them, intentionality and authenticity will be critical factors that decision-makers and workplace designers need to keep top of mind. Furthermore, the pandemic has underlined the importance of human connection and belonging so, essential to authentic social interactions and vital to ...

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Design Matters: Navigating the Intersection of AI and Human Experience in Architecture and Design

May 19, 2023 by Brittney Ferren, RA, RID, NCIDQ, NCARB, IIDA, A4LE, Senior Associate, PGAL

Ok. I had my first official ‘old’ moment recently. During a recent thesis presentation in our studio by a few of our junior designers, we launched into a discussion about utilizing AI in projects. At first, I thought for sure they were mumbling words of another language entirely! I’ve never been one for analytics, computations, etc., so this world of terminology was WAY over my head! To me, ‘AI’ is some Facebook ‘big brother’ bot or the autofill feature on my Amazon orders. I had never really put together AI and design in my head, ...

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Acoustic Pods as Part of Your Long-Term Strategic Plan

May 12, 2023 by Robert Korpacki, Product Manager, Hushoffice and Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice

The office must become more flexible to meet today’s dynamism, sure to only escalate. Pods will likely become a permanent part of this equation for many teams, as they are effective today and versatile for tomorrow — mobile and user-friendly, they are the flexible backbone of a flexible office. Indeed, pod-based flexible office design addresses many present business challenges: the current shift toward in-office working, unpredictable occupancy fluctuations, growing diversity, and pending inflation. As the gig economy booms, with an increase in freelance, contract, and remote workers, the need for flexible office setups that can cater to different working styles, team ...

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