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OmniRoom is a modular office system for creating plug-and-play, fully flexible workspaces. It uses patented technological innovations and the benefits of modular architecture to offer an easy solution for building comfortable and reshapable spaces for hybrid work environments. It has been widely acclaimed by clients and industry experts, winning several top industry awards and recognitions, including the prestigious Best of Neocon Gold and Mixology’23 Awards and the Dezeen Award nomination.

The system allows users to create tailor-made Rooms and spaces or choose from +50 preconfigured options designed to serve main office functions. The collection includes workstations, phone booths, soundproof pods for focus work, conference rooms of different sizes, chillout areas, and even coffee points or cloakrooms. What’s more, Rooms can be connected into multifunctional hubs that can act as central points of the office. The entire collection of Rooms is presented on the website

A patented click-in system makes assembly simple: one square meter of OmniRoom is built in 20 minutes by just three people. That means an entire office can be created in hours, not weeks or months. The construction can be easily modified: users can create many constructions from the same modules, ensuring the system fits evolving needs. Plus, every OmniRoom has ventilation, lighting, and electricity integrated. Closed Rooms are also supplied with sound-absorbing solutions.

Because of its durable structure and ultimate flexibility, OmniRoom can revolutionize the office design process, providing a perfect alternative to rigid, non-moveable plasterboard constructions that are commonly used now. Choosing adaptable architecture and modular technology

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