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Sculptform USA LLC


Sculptform Click-on Cladding redefines architectural cladding with its quick installation and sleek design. Using an intuitive click-on system, it offers a seamless finish for facades and interior walls. With versatile materials and profiles, designers can create visually stunning structures while ensuring durability and low maintenance.
Designed with precision-engineered components, Sculptform Click-on Screens provide seamless integration and a sleek aesthetic finish to any space. Whether used for privacy partitions, decorative features, balustrade infills or acoustic enhancements, these screens offer both functionality and style, empowering designers to create dynamic and visually engaging environments with ease.
Sculptform Click-on Battens are a concealed fix linear system with a simple "click-on" installation, available in durable timber or aluminium. They offer a modern aesthetic for interior and exterior spaces, providing architects and designers with a versatile solution for enhancing surfaces with clean lines and contemporary style.

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