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Activations and Exhibits

See brand's visions transform into engaging installations and experiences  throughout theMART.  Check back to learn more about these exciting activations and exhibits!

Metropolis Sustainability Lab

FLOOR 10, SUITE 1091

Come join us at Metropolis’s Sustainability Lab at NeoCon, an exhibit and destination to help you take the next step towards making a positive impact on people and planet. At the Lab, you’ll learn about the most innovative products and dive into new initiatives and resources to help advance your work—including a new toolkit to help designers address climate change.

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danishdesign MAKERS

FLOOR 11, SUITE 1192

danishdesign MAKERS is an alliance of designers with different backgrounds, but all with strong ties to the Danish design culture. We believe that Danish design values honesty, simplicity and function, and our pursuit is to reflect these values in our designs. danishdesign MAKERS believe that design is foremost a practical profession and is best kept this way, so we continue this tradition, letting a hands-on approach define Danish design and tell its story.

Our theme for this year's exhibition is IN UNION. danishdesign MAKERS is based on a belief in openness, collaboration, and community, and we find the theme particularly relevant this year. Under the surface of an increasingly divided world, with borders closing and a pandemic raging, we also see signs of a growing sense of community. People share everything from apartments and offices to cars and gardens, and a need to be a part of a community and a longing to be close again is more relevant than ever.

At Neocon, Chicago, we will show our take on danish designs solutions anno 2021, with the hope of creating basis for future transatlantic collaborations and inspire a world IN UNION.

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interiors+sources INSPIRE

The way we design has evolved as the technology available to us has progressed. Virtual reality and computer renderings have replaced pencil sketches and models. Now, in-person visits to showrooms and exhibits at tradeshows are complemented by virtual experiences. With that, i+s has partnered with several very talented Boston Architectural College students to bring together the best of both worlds. With a digitized version of hand-sketch artistry, what is old is new and fresh again. View showrooms like never before and dive deeper into the design and inspiration behind some of the trendiest spots found at NeoCon.

Become inspired and find the latest products for your next project

And check back often; new sketches will be added regularly.

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