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Division 12


Bent right here in North America, each and every thing we make is the product of durable materials, modernist design, and oh-so-careful craftsmanship. From prototype to final installation, we’re there every step of the way, to ensure our pieces exceed your expectations, every single time.

But no matter what we do, the best part of the things we make is that you can make them your own. They’re versatile, timeless, and come in a variety of finishes you can pick and choose. We do what we do, to let you do you.

Furniture - Seating - Accent Chairs
Accessories - Accessories
Bathrooms - Bathroom Accessories
Furniture - Seating - Benches
Furniture - Seating - Conference Chairs
Textiles - Fabrics
Furniture - Tables - Height Adjustable Tables
Textiles - Leathers
Surface Finishes and Materials - Metal / Glass
Accessories - Mirrors
Furniture - Seating - Modular Seating
Furniture - Tables - Occasional Tables
Outdoor Products
Furniture - Seating
Furniture - Seating - Stacking/Nesting Chairs
Furniture - Seating - Stools
Furniture - Tables
Accessories - Tabletop
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