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MUSPoD is a technology manufacturing enterprise dedicated to researching green recyclable micro-spaces, with a strong commitment to becoming an industry-leading unicorn. It designs intelligent and user-friendly space products that contribute to achieving carbon neutrality. These products find applications in various sectors such as offices, education, civil services, commercial establishments, and medical facilities. In response to the growing trend of hybrid offices, we developed the world's leading smart pods system for office and educational environments in 2020. This innovative room-in-room system can adapt flexibly to different scenarios and space sizes while emphasizing rapid construction and repeated recycling practices that drive industry development and transformation. As a result of our exceptional performance, MUSPoD o has emerged as the preferred supplier partner for high-end channel distribution brands in China's domestic market. Furthermore, we have plans to expand into overseas markets starting from 2023.

Acoustics and Privacy - Acoustic Solutions
Acoustics and Privacy
Interior Building Products
Acoustics and Privacy - Panels / Partitions / Screens / Space Dividers
Interior Building Products - Wall Systems
Acoustics and Privacy - Work Pods

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