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Nardi has always operated in international markets, which account for 80% of its turnover in both the retail and contract sectors. The company currently does business in 115 countries worldwide, supported by its widespread organisation and sales network, which has led the company to establish itself as an industry leader in Italy in terms of turnover. All Nardi products are entirely made in Chiampo (VI), where the company has its headquarters, at three production sites, designed using state-of-the-art technologies that are also environmentally friendly. Led by Anna and Floriana Nardi, in 2019 the company, advocating a sustainable approach, created a production line, called Regeneration, dedicated to producing outdoor furniture in post-consumer plastic. Regeneration also allows Nardi to experiment with eco-friendly solutions that can be applied on a large scale to the entire production cycle, from the concept creation of individual furniture items to their packaging. In the same year, Nardi introduced LCA analysis on several products in order to gradually implement further actions to improve its environmental performance.
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