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National Hardwood Lumber Association


Experience the Future of Real American Hardwood

The National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) invites you to discover Real American Hardwood's unparalleled beauty and sustainability at our NeoCon booth. Founded in 1898, NHLA is the premier national voice for the hardwood industry, dedicated to maintaining order, structure, and ethics in the global hardwood marketplace.

NHLA promotes sustainable practices by advocating for hardwood, a renewable resource that supports responsible forestry and ensures the longevity of our natural landscapes. Hardwood products exemplify quality and craftsmanship, from stunning architectural elements to elegant furniture and flooring.
Connect with our team to discover the advantages of choosing Real American Hardwood for your next project. Enjoy benefits such as durability, longevity, versatility, and adaptability, along with the latest trends, technological advancements, and best practices in the climate-positive hardwood industry. Discover how NHLA's advocacy and educational efforts shape a sustainable future, ensuring that American hardwoods remain a vital and cherished resource for future generations.
Visit the NHLA booth to experience the enduring appeal and endless possibilities of American hardwood.

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