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Lunawood Thermowood® creates a connection between urban life and nature. The renewable Nordic forest provides us with the best wood material, which we enhance with heat and steam only at our mills in Finland, backed by over 20 years of experience.

The patented Thermowood® process makes Lunawood products dimensionally stable, weatherproof, and resin-free, completely without harmful chemicals. Lunawood Thermowood® doesn’t necessarily require surface treatments, making it a low-maintenance and ecological choice throughout its long lifecycle.

Lunawood products can be used in facades, interior applications, and landscaping in all climatic conditions. Our product range includes a wide selection of siding profiles, battens, and decking boards to suit both contemporary and traditional styles.

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. Each Lunawood product stores five times more carbon than is emitted during production (Lunawood Environmental Product Declaration). The long service life of our products offers long-term carbon storage from one generation to the next, providing a sustainable foundation for architecture and construction. Lunawood purchase PEFC-certified Nordic pine and spruce from certified sawmills and is committed to buying raw materials only from well-managed forests that are harvested in a legal manner and where regeneration is ensured. The carbon footprint of Lunawood Thermowood is 117 kg CO2 eq/m3. Compared to non-renewable construction materials, tropical hardwoods and chemically modified woods, Lunawood’s carbon footprint (cradle to gate) is noticeably smaller.

Wherever Lunawood Thermowood® is used, it brings Nordic luxury and a natural feel to the space.

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