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QOR360 is a company that designs and manufactures active office chairs. What sets QOR360 apart from other “ergonomic” office chair manufacturers is QOR360's patented "Active-Sitting" technology, which encourages natural movement and continual, subtle postural readjustment while sitting. Instead of the fixed seat used in traditional office chairs, QOR360 chairs have a novel geometric solid, the eccentric bi-cylinder, placed just under the seat pan of the chair. This arrangement allows the user to effortlessly move and rotate in all directions. The overall effect is to make sitting feel more like floating. - and a lot more fun. Important benefits come from the continuous, subtle, movement that these chairs encourage: Better posture, and continuous engagement of core muscles which taken together reducing the risk of back pain associated with prolonged sitting. Perhaps more importantly, the increased metabolic rate that comes with active sitting reduces the adverse metabolic consequences of passive sitting that can set the stage for "sitting disease", a constellation of consequences that include obesity, diabetes, hear disease, as well and a consequent increase in all-cause mortality. QOR360 chairs come in several models to fit individual preferences and needs. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, using eco-friendly materials and production processes.
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