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Rakks Architectural Shelving and Hardware


Rakks' lines of Architectural Shelving and Support Hardware are loved by a long line of architects, designers and builders. Our classic Rakks shelving systems are beautiful, strong, and highly customizable. Support hardware for countertops, ADA vanities, and bench supports is low-profile, sleek and sturdy. It was important to Rakks' founder, Keivan Towfigh, for the company to have minimal impact on the environment. Sustainably crafted in the USA since 1971, our products contribute to LEED certification. Aluminum stock is at least 50% recycled, recyclable, and sourced and manufactured in New England. We have just moved to our new, environmentally-minded facility in Westborough, MA. With complimentary custom design services, technical support, and a service orientation, Rakks looks forward to helping you realize your vision.

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