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Scandinavian Spaces


While the rest of the world still debates the definition of wellness in the workplace, at Scandinavian Spaces our philosophies are a decade ahead of the health and wellness movement. As a family-owned company we push the boundaries of expected design to provide forward-thinking solutions for the built environment. We felt the furniture industry was lacking a fresh face in Scandinavian aesthetics, imagination, and overall wellness. Our response? Change it by making great Scandinavian design accessible to you – the like-minded creative.

Furniture - Seating - Accent Chairs
Surface Finishes and Materials - Acoustical Treatment
Furniture - Seating - Benches
Furniture - Tables - Cafe/Dining Tables
Furniture - Seating - Chaises
Furniture - Tables - Coffee/Cocktail Tables
Furniture - Seating - Collaborative Chairs
Furniture - Tables - Communal Tables
Furniture - Seating - Conference Chairs
Furniture - Tables - Conference Tables
Furniture - Tables - Desks
Furniture - Education Solutions
Furniture - Education Solutions
Furniture - Furniture Systems
Furniture - Furniture Systems
Furniture - Tables - Height Adjustable Tables
Furniture - Seating - Modular Seating
Furniture - Seating - Multi-use Guest Chairs
Furniture - Tables - Occasional Tables
Furniture - Seating - Ottomans
Outdoor Products
Acoustics and Privacy - Panels / Partitions / Screens / Space Dividers
Furniture - Seating - Sofas/Sectionals
Furniture - Seating - Stacking/Nesting Chairs
Furniture - Seating - Stools
Furniture - Storage
Furniture - Storage
Furniture - Storage
Furniture - Storage
Furniture - Storage
Furniture - Seating - Theater/Auditorium Seating
Furniture - Workplace Accessories
Furniture - Workplace Accessories
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