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Silen is the producer of market-leading modular office pods and privacy solutions that offer silence and focus to any workspace imaginable. Renowned and awarded for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Silen's products are trusted in almost 60 countries across six continents. They have also become a favorite for countless Fortune 500 companies, with the highest single orders crossing 1000+ units.

Leading with sustainability, Silen's entire product range is 100% carbon-neutral and uses fabric sourced from recycled marine plastic. Silen boasts the largest collection of office pods and privacy solutions in the industry, including the only ADA/EAA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible complete office pod range.

Our offerings include the widest customization options available, ensuring that each product meets the unique needs of its users. With a lifespan surpassing 20 years, our commitment to quality ensures unmatched longevity within the industry.

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