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Spec Furniture Inc.


Spec Furniture® is a fully integrated manufacturer concentrating on four key segments of the contract market—Healthcare, Education, Corporate and Government.

Established in 1991 out of a desire to bring a unique customer-oriented approach to the contract marketplace, we design durable, elegant furniture that excels at meeting all core requirements. Combined with a huge array of options, choices, price points, and scales, our customers can specify the best possible solution.

We are recognized as a market leader in the quality, design, and engineering of contract furniture products, focusing on a wide range of markets and designs. Thousands of Spec product installations are in use throughout North America, supported by an industry-leading warranty and a dedication to outstanding customer service.

Spec Furniture Inc.
Furniture - Seating - Benches
Furniture - Tables - Cafe/Dining Tables
Furniture - Case Goods
Furniture - Children's
Furniture - Tables - Coffee/Cocktail Tables
Furniture - Seating - Collaborative Chairs
Furniture - Collections for Collaboration
Furniture - Tables - Communal Tables
Furniture - Seating - Conference Chairs
Furniture - Conference Room Furniture
Furniture - Tables - Conference Tables
Furniture - Tables - Dining Room Tables
Furniture - Education Solutions
Healthcare - Guest & Lounge Seating
Furniture - Tables - Height Adjustable Tables
Furniture - Seating - Lounge
Furniture - Lounge Furniture Collections
Furniture - Seating - Modular Seating
Furniture - Seating - Multi-use Guest Chairs
Furniture - Tables - Occasional Tables
Healthcare - Patient Seating
Furniture - Seating
Furniture - Seating - Stacking/Nesting Chairs
Furniture - Seating - Stools
Furniture - Tables
Acoustics and Privacy - Work Pods
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Vertical markets
Higher Education
Public Space

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