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ClearSpace Design


ClearSpace Design is a cutting-edge company based in Atlanta, GA, specializing in Workspace Technology solutions. With a primary focus on enhancing the use of technology in the workplace, we are committed to designing and manufacturing a variety of solutions that offer exceptional performance at a competitive price point.

Our approach is guided by four key principles that we believe are critical for every workstation.

First, we prioritize the ability to instantly personalize ergonomics for multiple users, ensuring that our products are adaptable and user-friendly.
Second, we appreciate the importance of eliminating cable clutter, which can detract from the intended design of a workspace. Our solutions are designed to provide seamless cable management, ensuring a clean and organized workspace.
Third, we understand the need for ample power and charging options in modern workstations. Our products are equipped with advanced power and charging capabilities, ensuring that users can easily power their devices and stay connected throughout the workday.
Lastly, no other company knows more about customization and corporate branding than ClearSpace Design. Our products can be customized to match the overall design aesthetic of any workspace and can incorporate corporate signage to promote brand identity.

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