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NeoConversations Podcast Episode 7: Designing Branded Spaces

Aug 21, 2019

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Google PlayIn this episode of NeoConversations, we explore what it takes to effectively design brand character into a space. How can brand values and purpose be communicated through materiality, visual language, ambiance and experience? What’s in the tool kit needed to implement a design program company-wide? In this episode, Amy Devers talks to Renee Hytry Derrington, International Design Lead for Formica Group, and Abbott Miller, a partner at world-renowned design studio Pentagram to explore all the nuances of translating a brand into a physical experience. Have a listen:Renee Hytry Derrington, International Design Lead for Formica ...

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NeoConversations Episode 6: The Evolution of Tile Surfacing

Jun 05, 2019

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Google PlayIn this episode of NeoConversations, trusty and timeless tile is making its way into exciting new territory with large format panels, countertop slabs and high resolution digital printing. The design opportunities are almost limitless. Listen as host Amy Devers talks to Laura Muller, CEO of Four Point Build Inc., Frank Douglas, VP of Business Development for Crossville, and Noah Chitty, Directory of Technical Services for Crossville, to learn all about the technology and possibilities of this new frontier in tile surfacing. From left to right: Frank Douglas, Noah Chitty, and Laura ...

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Chicago Designers Share Where to Eat and Drink during NeoCon Week

May 31, 2019

Forward Fruit is a Chicago-based branded environments and experiential design studio. In applying a strategic, user-driven methodology to hyper creative projects, they create soulful, on-brand solutions that are exciting, beautiful, and inspire brand-user connections. See their work at the new NeoCon Plaza. Forward Fruit leaders Elise Metzger (right), Principal, and Marissa Smith (left), Principal, present a guest blog with their recommendations for the latest and best spaces to eat, drink, and celebrate while attending NeoCon 2019 in Chicago. As designers, the environment of our spaces is almost as important as the food. That said we still love those spots where ...

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NeoConversations Episode 5: Powering Flexible Workplaces

May 29, 2019

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Google PlayIn this episode of NeoConversations, we are taking on the challenge of designing flexible workplaces - specifically, designing in power and data distribution solutions that can keep up with the speed of evolving technology, business transitions, budget demands and the ever-changing need for adaptable power configurations. Frequently, this happens in pre-existing buildings, which creates its own set of unique challenges… so what are the creative solutions? Amy Devers talks to Steve Batchelder of Connectrac, Kevin Saindon of Brigholme, and David Meckley of Huntsman Architectural Group. Have a listen:Steven Batchelder and David MeckleyThe Connectrac System ...

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NeoConversations Episode 4: Design and the Circular Economy

May 22, 2019

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Google PlayIn this episode of NeoConversations, we are asking: What is the circular economy and what role do architects and designers play in it? How can we design truly sustainable spaces and specify materials in which the entire lifecycle has been considered, including eventual reuse?What are the implications, misconceptions and benefits associated with materials made from regenerated waste? Joining us today are two experts who taking the lead in the circular economy...Listen as host Amy Devers talks to Giulio Bonazzi, CEO + Chairman, Aquafil and David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs: ...

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NeoConversations Episode 3: Details Make the Difference

May 15, 2019

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Google PlayThe craft and details of a space can impact us on more than an aesthetic level—they can add an extra element of reinforcement, structure or aesthetics, while also being on trend.In this episode of NeoConversations, Amy Devers talks to Dana Madden, Architectural Product Manager for XtremeInterior™ by Tamlyn, and Wayne Braun, Principal at PDR in Texas about architectural trim and how it can be used to enhance interior spaces by adding sophistication, depth, color and drama to walls. Beyond aesthetics, it offers protection from dings and dents in high traffic commercial and multi-family residential ...

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A Locals’ Guide to Chicago Gems

May 14, 2019

Chicago is absolutely no Second City when it comes to world class art, architecture and design-- and to inspiring places to visit. We asked 8 Chicago based design leaders (and partners for this year’s NeoCon) to share their favorite spaces and places to visit in the city. Add these designer-curated stops to your NeoCon 2019 Chicago ‘To-Do’ List! John CzarneckiDeputy Director and Senior Vice President | IIDA "The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park is an oasis of quiet beauty in the city. Just north of downtown—and walking distance to Lake Michigan—this landscape is a wonderful escape. Designed by Caldwell in ...

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Q+A with Wednesday Keynote Liz Ogbu

May 02, 2019

A designer, urbanist, and social innovator, Liz Ogbu is an expert on sustainable design and spatial innovation in challenged urban environments globally. She is founder and principal of Studio O, a multidisciplinary innovation practice that works within communities in need globally to use the power design to catalyze sustained social impact. Liz’s projects include a design workshop at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, Oakland Museum of California, and Pacific Gas & Electric. In addition to her practice work, Liz has served as an educator at several universities including UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Virginia. She also frequently ...

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Q&A with Tuesday Keynote Ilse Crawford

Apr 18, 2019

Ilse Crawford is a designer, academic and creative director who focuses on putting human needs and desires at the center of all that she does. As founder of Studioilse, together with her multi-disciplinary, London-based team, she brings her philosophy to life on projects like Soho House New York, Winterspring in Copenhagen, Ett Hem Hotel in Stockholm, and the Lounge at Plaza 66 in Shanghai. Ilse will be speaking at NeoCon about creating designing furniture and products that support and enhance human behavior and actions in every day live and how brands and businesses can restore human balance. We had the ...

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Q&A with Monday Keynotes Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch

Mar 26, 2019

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standeffer founded Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors in 2002. They will be speaking at NeoCon 2019 on balance and experience in design. We had the opportunity to chat with Stephen and Robin about their work, design philosophy, and favorite things about Chicago. How does design impact our culture? Design informs how we live, how we see ourselves and the world we’re in. It is an immovable part of culture that literally dictates how you feel and experience space. La Mercerie Cafe inside of Roman and Williams Guild in SoHo. NY. Image Credit: Adrian Gaut How do you see ...

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