Edward Fields NeoCon Rugs

In the early 70s through the early 90s, NeoCon partnered with legendary rug designer Edward Fields to create area rugs based on that year’s NeoCon poster. To create the rugs, an artist hand painted the design, and color matched the fibers to the artwork. The meticulously woven rugs were displayed each year in The Mart’s South Lobby.

This year, we are excited to display fourteen of these rugs, ranging from 1974 through 1992, at NeoCon. Visit the installation along the 7000 aisle of the 7th floor exhibit hall.


Edward Fields Rug Artwork for NeoCon 1982


Edward Fields Rug Artwork for NeoCon 1983

About Edward Fields

Edward Fields started in New York in 1935 and grew to several showrooms across the US, including in Chicago in 1955. Mr. Fields famously coined the term "area rug" and considered rugs to be design elements and art objects all on their own, challenging the convention that rugs were merely decorative. He spoke of rugs as "the fifth wall" -- art for your floor, similar to what you might place on the wall. He was a pioneer of collaborations, partnering with leading artists of the day to create graphic designs, many of which were based on elaborate artwork. And he was also a pioneer of hand-tufted technology, having invented in collaboration with his brother "The Magic Needle" -- a tufting gun that increased accuracy and speed in manufacture.

Visit the Tai Ping Showroom on the 6th Floor (Space 635) to learn/see more about Edward Fields.