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In this episode of NeoConversations, we are taking on the challenge of designing flexible workplaces - specifically, designing in power and data distribution solutions that can keep up with the speed of evolving technology, business transitions, budget demands and the ever-changing need for adaptable power configurations. Frequently, this happens in pre-existing buildings, which creates its own set of unique challenges… so what are the creative solutions? Amy Devers talks to Steve Batchelder of Connectrac, Kevin Saindon of Brigholme, and David Meckley of Huntsman Architectural Group. Have a listen:


Steven Batchelder and David Meckley


The Connectrac System subtly hides wiring in conference rooms.


Connectrac furniture was designed with hardware in mind.


Connectrac Flex Receptacle

Learn more about how Connectrac provides invisible and movable power connections with their unique, adaptable floor-based raceway system at

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